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Dig Photos 8.17/18.13
John Bock started the day off with the first complete find, a possible Williams point.  This base on the right looks paleo.

Then Chuck Rosenbaum found the first Perdiz followed by Peggy Grounds  unearthing a Loooong Earrred Perdiz.

Look at the variety in the Perdiz, love the colors on the end piece!

Another Cuney comes out! along with stinger Perdiz!

New member Stoney Ryan finds his first Digging Texas! piece.  The end piece has awesome flaking but we have no idea what it was.

Long time member Richard Davis finds a pretty Perdiz.  Richard is a veteran of the Cibolo I site during 2004-2007.

Then John Dunn pulls out one of the days most beautiful points!  This Chalecedony Perdiz wa just awesome to hold and admire!  Congrats John!

Red Ochre mixed in with some finds. Check out this Scallorn that was nearly clear Chalcedony!

The Dig Site Dogs (the owners dogs) laying under the screens enjoying the cooling dirt as what little
moisture evaporates as it sifts through the screens.
I bought some ONE SPOT for fleas and give them a good de-fleaing, no more scratching... no they love me! haha
Tip on the right, Mollie on the left.

Mollies is Laaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzyyy!

John and chuck keep them coming out.  This point above has me perplexed, it has a Sabinal Marcos look, kind of an Edgewood look, but considering what has come
out of the site I believe I'm going with the Marcos on this one.

Two more Cuneys!  Folks we are making Texas history here.  This may be the only known Cuney camp in Texas or the US or the world!  Please make sure that I get a photo of every Cuney broken or
not. I am going to have to write a paper up on this site for the state. It is just too important not too. The stuff you see on the right are the remains of those colorful Beetles that something ate and deposited
their shells in the dirt. In the sun this was beautiful  Never thought I would think bug dung was pretty!  LOL

Bird point drills, Ensors Perdiz kept coming out.

Chad Roesch found this awesome Cuney, just nearly all there but a trophy no less!

Some close ups of  what we have already seen.

John Dunn holding some of his finds.

Loufassa holds a Williams.  Also he found a  bird point drill with the bit broken, A Catan and a Perdiz. The teeth are probably Hogs teeth.

Other than an Ensor knife and Scallorn... Perdiz everywhere!

Probably hogs teeth.

Another knife base similar to the one at the top of the page.

Wish this clam shell piece had of been all there!  Peggy Grounds found it.


More than likely an Ensor, SWEET!  JD Delgado found this one.

My good buddy and classmate from Junction High School came down for a visit and dig.  Neil Nethery found an incredible piece.  At first it looks like a Plainview, but the flaking is not right and it
really does not show much grinding.  I am at a loss but it is nice!

JD looking at his ensor, a better look at the bears fang, a Cuney with some serrations and a Perdiz.

This stone we called a Waco sinker but it does not have the typical look of such an artifact. I do remember that we found at least one more of these on the old Cibolo site in 2004-07.
This was found by Terry Fontana.

Stoney Ryan had a field day on his first Digging Texas! dig!  Use the guide on the left to see which ones are his as you view the larger shots of them!

Cuneys everwhere!

Buffalo and hogs teeth.  check out the tally marks on this piece.  It is hard to tell if it is stone, pottery or bone but for sure it's cool!

Stoney Ryan holding a couple of his favorite finds from the dig!  Not the handle pieces off of an old pottery pot.  Its a shame that they broke all the pots before leaving this stie.  Why?  Who knows,
maybe to keep the next clan from using them!

Look at the bands in this Cuney... just awesome!

Jerry Vincent holds his finds.

                                                                                                                                                    Fred Meek shows off his Darl and loooong Perdiz point!

I caught John Dunn leaving the site and asked about that
gorgeous piece he had hanging from his rear view mirror.
John has been knapping about 5 years and this awesome
Scottsbluff shows the quality of work he can do!  Awesome!

So what do you do with that tiny, its bitsy bird point you found?
Peggy made a cool navel ring out of it!


                                                                                                                                      Todd Chisom came to the dig for his birthday and found this Guerro.  What a super birthday present!

Thats all for this week folks!  I could write and write about this site ALL day every day!

See you next week, hope your photos are here then too!