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Dig Photos 8/24&25/13

Ok folks, 3rd dig!  The amount of diggers were down this week but the dirt still flew!
Here are the results!

Patti Even started off the morning with her Birthday point!  In only 3 swipes she found this beautiful small Fairland!
Happy Birthday Patti

The piece on the left was talked about as being a Folsom  partial.  Great eye but looking at both sides and
taking all into consideration we decided against it.

Jerry(below) always seems to come up with his share....

Jerry found this sweet little Harahey knife.  You cannot tell from the photos but the one third of the top tip was ground, like on sandstone, and the side were ground like a Paleo base.  WE will never
know what they were doing with this piece after they used it to skin with but for sure it is too dull to use a a knife now!

Jeremy Reynolds holds his first Digging Texas! arrowhead find, a sweet Perdiz! Jeremy works with Louis Flores keeping our borders safe with the INS.  Thanks Jeremy!

Bill Cox always seems to find something cool! Here is a nice birdy point drill he found on the screens.

Todd Chisom holds a nice little Perdiz.  I liked the form on this one.

Wonder what this is??? I did too!  It was in my food at Texas Steaks and Mexican Food by the 1604 interchange off of Hwy 87S.  
It was crunchy!  LOL

Jerry found another Chalcedony Perdiz!  Sweet material.

Our good friend Lawrence Graham stopped by and showed the folks what he found (during our 2004-2007 digs at Cibolo)
 just a few feet over the fence from where we are digging now. Beautiful form and color!


Charles Jones, Matthew Sedlar, Tommy Jacobs and Chris Hughes joined the Dig Sunday

Yes, we would have loved to have had the other part!  Could it have been another Zepher Darl like shown on the next row???  We will never know for sure.

We got "all excited" when we hit this pocket of flint! It was everywhere. As they started screening it though it became obvious it was all fire fractured flint, not
from flint knapping.  Possibly they were heat treating their material and they got  too much heat on it causing it to explde!

We are still finding small animal bones preserved in the ash and carbon of this site. Here is snake vertebrae.  What's for supper tonight Mom? SNAKE child! MMMM Good!  LOL

Charles Jones, (below) got into a nest of Perdiz!

Norris and Jerry saying Hidy to everyone!

Jerry is gong uptown with his new frame!  LOl

Here is Buzz, enjoying a FINE cigar....

Camp Dog #1... "Skip",  Enjoying the coolness of the dirt as it sifts over his body...Looks dead doesnt he!  LOL