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8    Lucky Arrowhead Hunters took all these points home last dig!


Flores                 Louis
McMahon            Roger

Awesome Bead!

Kerry Carrols Super Fairland

Check out the flaking on these pieces!

Pottery handle, toe out of a deer hoof and a baby fledgling bird trying to learn how to fly! taking a  break.

Beads from Ecuador that Grahm Lawrence btought by to show us...  Also his bird point collection.

Tony Wise Perdiz

More Tony! :)

Brothers Kerry Carrol and Tony Wise came down from Virginia to hunt with us again, 2nd trip this year!  See you all don't drive far to hunt arrowheads after all!  LOL

Ernie Rosenbaum finds one.

Incredible arrow point drill found  by Mickey Bloodworth!
3 different colors of Chacodeny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Rosenbaum finds the POINTOFTHEDIG!  Incredible Big Sandy archaic dart point!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clear, black, white, tan Chalcedony!!!

ChucK AND Kerry proving they still have SOME Eye Sight Left! haha

Tony Wise blade!

Kerrys Cuney



Here you go...  The toe bone of a deer coupled with the first joint of the foot!!!

I thought these were extinct until the shell broke on this one and it had a live speciman in it... nope, i did not eat it!  lol

Super Cuney

Tony finds a Whale of a Tail Perdiz! :)


What a beautiful point Terri Fontana found!!!

I know it might be a game ball but it shows use wear of being a small hammer stone.

Jerry took a photo of me leaning on his bike!!!