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Cibolo Dig 2.15.14

The dirt was nearly MUD and really slowed the hand diggers down.  If I had of know it was that wet we would not have dug this day.

Patty Even started off the day with this nice Fairland point.

Patti and her Grandson Brandon trying to move some WET dirt!  Got them a Big Sandy

Pony Woman and Roger McMahon looking a a nice  Perdiz find.

Brandon was having fun at the dig.

Kent found a nice Chalcedony Perdiz

Even I got into the action.. Note how the Perdiz sought out the hole in the screen, that is how easy these babies can be lost!  and this is a 1/4" screen!
Nearly 3 months after my back operation I thought that it would be ok to move some dirt. Boy was I wrong, I had to get an emergency epidural injiection in my L5.  
My back has never recovered sinc this day I'm sad to day.  BUT I have a REAL nice Perdiz to remember it by! :)

I even talked Pony Woman into moving a little dirt... for about 3 minutes..  LOL  
Now that aint right... sorry love. :)

Charley and Tamma Mize came from Ropesville TX, they were all over them!

The find of the day was Lawrence Grahms twisted Harahey knife!!!

Grahm pick up some pottery fragments also.

Pony Woamn and Kent Ashenfelter showing their
High - Low Moves!  :)  

Hammer Stone I picked up at the site.