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Test Dig - Midden #1
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                            BEFORE THE DIG                                                                                                        AFTER IT GOT STARTED!

John Bock was the champ of the Test Dig, he sat in the right spot at the dig, they came out close to the bottom near where the midden met the color change.  BAM!

View of both sides in the first two shots then the close up of the edge showing an intentional notch the maker put in it.

Castroville Base Tang Base

Moving into the Midden!

Misc. Broken Blades we found

Jerry Vincent found this blade preform that had a knapping break in the top
making it look like a heart - I talked him out of it for "Pony Womans Heart" collection!  Its growing!
She has one from about every site we visited the last 21 years! lol


Mound Busters! XR-14's For Sale
These are tough enough to take on any rock midden!
Finished ones on the left $75 ea.  
Unfinished ones $65 ea. (paint it yourself and save)
Buy at the Dig - No Shipping
email diggingtexas@gmail.com if interested

I am working with the maker of the famous "Wiggle Picks" to get some made for our members.
Right now NONE are available, on back order.
Email me above if you are interested (price and when available).


Looks easy doesn't it???                                                   NOT!!!!
                 Thank goodness its cooooool right now!
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