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First Dig After Test Dig
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Before I go on, here is a safety lesson in digging "rock middens".  
Photo 1. Note the undercutting of the bank  Photo 2. Everything is fine  Photo 3.  Swoosh - the top part of the midden falls off onto whoever is under it. (we have cleaned
most of it away here but think before you under cut a rock midden.  It does not fall a little bit at a time, it falls all at once without warning - and it can trap you under hundreds even thousands
of pounds of midden rock. It litterlay takes seconds for you to get suffocated or just crushed from the shear weight. NEVER,NEVER dig a rock midden alone.  You may be buried along
with the treasures you seek. People have died doing this.
Norris and Bryan

Note how the wall crashed down.


Wes --                                                          Castroville blade....

Fist Ax and base tang witih a couple pick dings.

Probably a worked down Castroville

Hals finds - Chalcedoney piece, a shame its not all there.  Preform and the rest on the board.

Beautiful material on this tool.

Very rare to see a fist ax broken but here is one.

Bryan                                   Blades were  coming out but all were broken... There has to be a nice one in there with all those that close together.

Here I'm showing a long nodule. We kept finding these that the ancients brought in. Also note a larger broken one,
that is what is inside of these.  They are flint or chert nodules.

A Fairland - the youngest piece to date

Good work to some fine work but still all broke. Dang

We are snake bit!

         Roger,  Wes and Paul

Sunday Scott, Amy Goodwin - Jerry Wiley and I took a little surface hunting trip.