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How Does the Screening Work?

*Our tables are extral large (10 feet by 5 feet).

*They are designed for up to 4 screeners to be on a table.

*Also, we have made them so you don't have to bend over, that way you can screen
a long 8 hour day more comfortably.

*You KEEP what you find!   All we ask is you allow us to photograph the artifact to document it and post on
our webpages for our other members to see!  We use the photos to advertise our site/s also.

*If there are four people on a screen (when we are  maxed out) how does that work?
Basically, the theory behind screening is each person gets 1/4 of the table so what you
screen out in front of you is yours.  

*Don't people reach across the screens and get your artifacts?  NO, that's not allowed, if anyone did
they would not be allowed to come back to our digs.  One of the advantages of being a member of an
organization is most of us all know each other and we are friends, you will be a part of that.
Everyone starts chatting, moving dirt through the screens at the same time.  The table sort of takes
on a life of itself as everyone is concentrating where their hands are looking for that artifact to appear.
If your doing a good job of screening you do not have time to pay attentioin to what your neighbor is
doing until they holler! :)  If its a good one many of us run over and enjoy the find with that person.
We are taking photos and just enjoying seeing the artifacts come out.  It's an incredible amount of fun!

We have been doing this of over 25 years and I can only remember one instance of a problem on a table.
Everyone is there to have a good time, we want to have a good time and to do that we want everyone
to have a good time. It's a Happy Place!

*Am I guaranteed to find an artifact?  No, but you are guaranteed that you are screening dirt, ash, fire rock
from a camp site that is thousands of years old.  Some people find a huge amount of artifacts and the person
across the table might not hardly find anythingf - it's just luck of the draw AND your ability to screen and
and see the artifacts as they come out.  You will get better as you go and learn to identify the artifacts
you are hunting for.  All you have to do is look at our website to see all the beautiful artifacts that are
being found to know that this is a 100% real deal.  You will be seeing, hopefully finding ancient artifacts
that have been laying there for thousands of years!  You are the first person to touch these after all these
years! What a wonderful feeling.
Just remember, the operator of the site wants you to find artifacts more that you do, otherwise you
wouldn't want to come back. We do our best to see your are successful which includes giving you
hunting / screening tips on site, writing articles about what to look for, what to bring.  We want you
to be ready when you start screening!

Thanks for reading! If you have more questions just Emil Bob McWilliams at diggingtexas@gmail.com